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What’s happening with Bumpy Cakes?

Unfortunately and suddenly, Minnie Marie Bakers, Inc., our long-term partner for making Bumpy Cakes went out of business, shutting down production. Since then, we have been working to identify a new partner but have not yet found one capable of delivering the unique style or the quality of Bumpy Cakes that our consumers expect and deserve. We are continuing to look for a baking company that could serve as our new partner but that could take time. At this point we expect to run out of stock on Bumpy Cakes by the end of this year (2023). We are heartbroken that this has happened.
We understand how beloved this product is to generations of families in Michigan. It was not planned or expected or based on any business decision by Second Nature Brands.

When will Bumpy Cakes be back in stock?
At this point, we don’t know. We are continuing our search for a new bakery partner to make Bumpy Cakes and hope we can find one and start up production again soon, if at all possible.

Where can I get Bumpy Cakes?
You can purchase Bumpy Cakes at Sanders stores, online at or at local Michigan retailers until approximately December 31, 2023, when we expect to be out of stock.

What would you recommend for as an alternative to Bumpy Cakes?
As we all know, there is nothing exactly like a Bumpy Cake. The next best thing would be to make your own using a recipe like this one from Taste of Home.
No, this is not part of a strategy change nor was it our choice. Our bakery partner, Minnie Marie Bakers Inc., went out of business and stopped production. We have not yet been able to find another bakery partner that can make Bumpy Cakes.

How long did Minnie Marie make Bumpy Cakes for Sanders?
Minnie Marie had made Sanders Bumpy Cakes for over ten years.